Zen Riders Create Zen Horses....

The ability to be centered and calm, completely in the moment,  is a zen like place.  This is a skill that takes years to refine.   

In part it is the understanding of the horses world that makes this zen like place possible.  It is also the confidence in yourself, that your body knows the place to be without your having to think about it.  

Your horse will read the quiet, calm, confidence you present to them as a leader worth following.  One that will create a safe environment for them to learn.  They themselves will become zen masters.

Grass Roots Beginnings...

Achieving her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in 2015 was a lifelong journey of 45+ years.  

Lisa was 8 when her family bought a farm and moved to a small town in the PNW.  The adorable pony that lived at this farm became a member of the family.   New to the horse world, her parents enrolled her in a local 4H group to guide her in learning the skills needed to care for and ride her pony.   Having animals at home, not a facility where others do the daily care, has a big impact on the volume of knowledge that one acquires.  

Lisa is proud of her “self made” status.  From the beginning she has worked to learn and grow in her knowledge, with horses that came from “backyard America”.  As a young rider She did not have the privilege of sitting on highly trained horses, or lessons from the top trainers.  She was fortunate to have opportunity to  learn from  some talented  local trainers, the methods of Natural Horsemanship, before it was something anyone talked about. 

A trip to see the Lipizzaner stallions ignited her passion for dressage.  Although it was not her only style of riding, it was always there in the background.   As a teen Lisa saved every penny she made to take lessons from a local Dressage trainer.   She used this training to improve other venues of riding like Reining, Western Pleasure, HUS.   As well as the fun aspects of growing up in small town horse community, such as Drill team, week long pack trips into the mountains with her horses, or stacking bales of hay in the field to jump.  “It was a blessed life” she will often say.  All building the foundation of knowledge and experience.

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