Training the Dressage Horse

Training the young to FEI dressage horse is done with quiet confidence and respect. Understanding the learning process is key to successfully creating a relaxed and willing partnership between rider and horse. Attention to the horses overall fitness and abilities is just as much a part of achieving the ultimate goals set out for each horse.

Working on Throughness

Lisa has started over 50 young horses throughout her life.  While she does start her own young horses she no longer takes outside horse to start,  She is able to work with owners who are wanting to do this on their own.   Problem horses will be evaluated for physical issues before riding work will start. Often weakness or unwilling behavior can be attributed to pain or discomfort somewhere in the horse. Working through the physical limitations will help each horse reach a goal much faster than trying to train away behavior that is pain related. Sometimes a simple saddle adjustment can be key to a happy horse.

Training through the highest level takes time and dedication. But the result is one that is the epitome of life, pure synergy and balance.

Contact Lisa to schedule an evaluation or training session.

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