Where Classical Dressage Meets True Horsemanship

Bridging the disciplines of Classical Dressage and True Horsemanship can forge an unparalleled partnership. Lisa adeptly merges these realms into a learner-focused process that clarifies the journey and adds enjoyment for the horse. Horses that grasp their tasks tend to be happier, maintain physical fitness longer, and when they operate from understanding, trust and confidence flourish.

Each horse introduces its unique essence to the training process; no two are identical. Their life experiences, physical build, and personality traits significantly influence their learning and the methods that will be effective. Our role is to attune to the horse and discern the optimal approach for each individual.

Making the process enjoyable is a crucial element of learning. Lisa’s expertise spans training horses of all breeds, types, and disciplines, having progressed horses from Foal to FEI, with aspirations to elevate one of her home-bred foals to Grand Prix level.

The philosophy of horsemanship encompasses all interactions. Respect is foundational and begins the moment you share space with a horse. A horse that lacks ground respect is unlikely to partner well under saddle. Such respect stems from positive leadership rather than coerced submission.

Training slots are open for a select number of approved horses. Should you believe your horse is a fitting candidate for our training program, please reach out to Lisa.