Where Classical Dressage Meets True Horsemanship

Merging the worlds between the disciplines, between Classical Dressage and True horsemanship can create a partnership unlike any other. Lisa successfully combines these two worlds into a learning centric process that makes the journey clear and fun for the horse. Horses that understand the task at hand are much happier overall and will stay physically fit longer. When a horse works from a place of understanding, they build trust and confidence.

Each horse brings it’s own unique world into the training process and none of them show up exactly like the others. Life experiences, conformation, and general personality traits all have an impact on how a horse learns and what will work for them. It is our job to listen to the horse and figure out what the best approach is for each one.

Making it fun Is a big part of the learning process

Lisa has experience in training horses of all breeds, types, and disciplines. She has taken horses from Foal to FEI and has goals of bringing one of her home-bred foals to Grand Prix one day.

All aspects of horsemanship are considered in the training prospect. Respect starts from the moment you are in the same space. A horse that does not respect you from the ground will not be a partner under saddle. Respect is a result of positive leadership not forced submission.

Training is available to approved horses in a limited number. If you feel your horse is a good prospect for our training program, please contact Lisa for an evaluation.