Late Bloomer

Walking through my yard this morning I noticed a flower blooming on my lilac bush.  These flowers usually bloom in May, and today is September 22.  The bright lavender color is a stark contrast to the surrounding fall colors. It is the proverbial “late bloomer” in all of it’s beauty.  It makes me smile and the thought comes to my mind that I can relate. I am a late bloomer.  And every time I see another form of this, I feel a sense of connection or understanding. I know I am not alone.

As a child I was painfully shy.  Communicating with people was more than I could handle.  I spent more time with the animals and plants than humans, as well as my pencils and paper.   When I wasn’t out climbing trees, or digging in the dirt, I was drawing or sketching. Creating a world where I felt free from the social anxiety that lived within me.  

It took many years to find a way through this internal struggle.   But I emerged strong, and once I found my wings I flew beyond anything I had felt was possible.  I look back now and am so grateful.  Maybe there are benefits to being the late bloomer.  More time for growth, more time for introspection.  Young people are always in a hurry to “become” instead of “be”.   I think that accepting the “be” or the self is the answer to “becoming” and ultimately happiness. 

Those of you who are Late Bloomers ~ Embrace the gift.  You are not alone. You will bloom, and when you do your beauty will be a welcome surprise to the world.