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The Whispered Bond: A Rider’s Journey to Silent Understanding with Her Horse

Tiffany and Pearl In the sun-kissed meadows of Edgewood Farm, where the scent of hay mingles with the soft rustling of leaves, there exists a group of riders who strive to have a connection with horses that transcends mere communication. On this particular day I am watching Tiffany. She has mastered the art of quiet […]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing A Blanklet For Your Horse

Every year as the weather changes and winter begins knocking at the door, the big blanket debate seems to reappear.  There are charts and discussions passed around social media, and inevitably my clients also begin asking what I think.   I decided I would create a list for them, and anyone else who might have blanketing […]

Natural Horsemanship Vs. Classical Dressage

  There is a fine line between training the body and training the brain in your equine partner. While I have always used concepts of “natural horsemanship” in my building of the mind, this tool is only a slice of the big picture.   I also use many classical dressage concepts to build the athlete they need […]


Repost from 2016 Patience… Life has been challenging these last few months.   To pick up and move across the country, and attempt to start over, is a big task.   I try to approach it with an eye on the positives: new opportunity, new friends, new everything.  And extra time to funnel into personal growth, and […]

Onions and Learning

reposted from 2014 Onions and Learning… Several years ago, while I was in the thick of a busy training schedule, I had one of those defining moments in life that changes ones’ perspective completely.   I had been doing a lot of groundwork with some horses.  This involves using shoulders and arms in a way that […]

Blessed Life

Reposted from March 2012 We all have our stories, every human, every horse. Can anyone say the road they have travelled has been flawless? Yet, it really is flawless, it leads you to now. Wherever now happens to be. I have to marvel at the journey, all the good the bad and ugly pieces of […]